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Second Requests Form


Hi Ian
I’m looking at setting the Portal Home page up with a second request form. So Far I’ve created a new template based on request.tpl.php and edited both index.tpl.php and navigation.tpl.php so the second request form shows up on the Portal homepage. My question is, where can I change the name of the new Link I created on the Navigation bar and is it possible to have the predefined text appear in the Text box on the request form?


Hi Jon,

In the HTML for the navigation bar just write in your link text in the HTML you don’t have to crate a variable to hold it as the others are done. That’s just so we can translate the interface into different languages on our end.

You can pre-populate the text area if you like, within the tags of the text area enter the text you’d like to appear.


Thanks Ian, worked a treat