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Semi-private forums?


We often have groups of beta users that we wish to engage in collaborative discussion that we wouldn’t want to expose to the full Internet. Do you have any suggestions on how we might accomplish this?


Hi Kevin,

HelpSpot doesn’t have a way built in to accomplish that. You’d have to perhaps manually hide/protect one of the public forums by modifying the navigation and forum templates.


Yeah - as I’ve thought about it, this would be really tough to achieve with your current design - as far as I can see, you don’t really have a real user login system. This is actually a really good thing in most cases - it significantly decreases friction for the user.

As a feature suggestion, maybe make a forum ‘semi-public’ (instead of semi-private) - basically, it would be public, but would have a flag indicating that it shouldn’t be displayed in the standard forum list. The only way it would be discoverable would be for us to email a link to it, or explicitly link to it in html somewhere.

That seems like it might be easy to implement - not sure if it would have wide enough applicability to be worth doing?


Yeah, it’s tricky to build in that sort of thing just because it’s overall usage is pretty specific. But you can certainly do that by editing the navigation file which is basically what I was suggesting above. It’s certainly something we’ll consider though.


ok - I may be able to come up with something based on a convention in the forum description (i.e. if the forum has the word ‘Private’ in it’s name, don’t show it in the list). It would, naturally, be nicer to have such a filter be based on a boolean attached to the forum definition.

Thanks again for the great product.