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Send email attachments as links


We’re evaluating Helpspot and have a feature request. Because of email attachment restrictions on customers email servers we have lots of problems when we send an email response with an attachment where its bounced because of the attachment or the attachment is stripped off.

It seems like a solution to this is to save the file locally and then add a link to the file in the email. Obviously the files would have to be cleaned up after some period of time or some # of downloads.

Any chance you might add a feature like this to resolve this problem ? I assume lots of other companies have similar issues.


Hi John,

This is an interesting idea. The structure for this already exists because the uploaded files are available via the portal on the request check screen. So it would be minor to have a global setting that sent that URL instead of adding the attachment.

We’ll put this on the list of features to strongly consider for a future release.



Has this feature been added? Or is there a way to up vote it?


This hasn’t been added as a feature but I did go ahead and formally move it into our feature request tracker.