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Send email from {field}



We have setup serveral email boxes. When somebody emails to one of these, it is routed to the correct workspace. And when somebody responds to them, the “Send email from” field is filled out with the correct from address.

The problem is when somebody creates a new new Request from the website, it will always default to the “Default Mailbox”. Is there a way to have the mailbox associated with the category of a ticket within the website? This way there does not have to be a manual effort to change this from the “Default Mailbox” to the correct mailbox?




Hi Brian,

Not by default, however, if you setup a secondary portal (or simply turn your primary portal into a secondary one then there is a setting for the default send from.


Hello Ian,

So if I understand you correctly, the only way to specify anything besides the default email address from the website is to create a secondary portal or manually change the email address.

Thanks for your help.