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Send external note when item is closed


i know i need to set an automation rule, but cannot figure out how to set it so it won’t loop. I have read through all documentation, but don’t get it. Here is what i want:
for a specific catagory, when the task is closed, i want a note sent to specific people with a note about the task.


Hi Michelle,

Well the AR can’t do something when a request is closed, so it can only check for requests which are currently closed when it’s run. So what you need to do is set the conditions so that it won’t match the same closed requests over and over.

The most common way is via a status change. So your conditions would be something like:

  • Open/Closed = Closed
  • Status = “problem solved”
  • Other conditions which match requests you’re looking for


  • Send email
  • Change status to “email sent” (or whatever you want to call it)

You can create the new status in Admin-Settings-Status

What’s going on here is that when the rule runs it sends the email but also changes the status. This way when the rule runs again it will no longer match requests with “status = problem solved” so the same requests won’t be matched.