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Send from changed from "Default Mailbox" to "Default Mailbox"


Often times, when a request is updated by staff (and I can’t seem to nail down a specific scenario) the request is updated with “Send from changed from “Default Mailbox” to “Default Mailbox””, when no change to the “Send email from” field has been made. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions to get rid of this unnecessary message?


I have seen that behavior, as well.

Check on your end and see if that happens to occur when changing assignment from one person to another.


Yes, from one person to another or from the Inbox to a person.


Hi Guys,

This can happen in a few different ways. One is that the default mailbox may also be one of the mailboxes you check so you can see this. If you’re not on version 2.4.7 that helps a bit. We’re looking at a few other things for this as well. It’s more of an internal change which is now logging, but might be something we need to now always show as we do now.