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Sent xml code on the request response is modified


When sending an email with html xml code, helpspot will modify the src values trying to make links relative to the location of the helpspot, as if it were an hrml email instead of just content.

For example if I send this code:

The email received by the client will look like this: being the location of the HelpSpot.

Is this supposed to happen? Can it be turned off?


Without the full email to test it’s a bit tricky to know if HelpSpot is changing it our your browser, but in either case using src=“photo.jpg” in an email wouldn’t be valid. No system will be able to tell what the src is relative to. You need to use full paths to the image, so you src=“” this way the image can always be found.


Hi Ian,

I don’t think I explained myself correctly, the code is not actually html code to format an ermail as html it is meant as code examples sent over the email.

For example: I enter the following text as content of the email response. It is an example of the xml the user would need to use when using our product.

However on the message the user receives, he/she would see this:

It just drives our clients crazy as they just can’t understand why would they need to add our own domain for content on their servers. The subdomain where HelpSpot is running is dedicated just to running HelpSpot there is no other process or script that modifies the sent email, it is as easy as if I sent that example through our webmail panel the email sent will pass through to the client intact, but if sent through the HelpSpot it is modified.


Hi Antonio,

Are you running HelpSpot 2.6.3? I’m not seeing this behavior. Are you using the wysiwyg editor?


I think we are running version 2.6.2, I’ll try to get this updated to version 2.6.3 assuming this is a free update.