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SEO optimization for Knowledge Book pages


For SEO reasons, it is critical to be able to edit the title of Knowledge Book pages to be something other than the published title. The page description is also important.

Are either of these things possible?


Hi Tim,

Currently those things are not directly possible. You could edit the template and have a database table outside of HelpSpot that stored meta info that you then insert, but that would be something separate you’d need to construct.

Improvements in this area are something we’re looking into for a future release though.


Thanks for the response. I’ll think about the custom solution, but that would be expensive programming time. Do you have an estimated release date for this feature?

By the way, I suggest looking at the way that the highly-regarded Yoast SEO plug in for Wordpress works, especially for titles. That is the kind of thing that is needed here.


Hi Tim,

No, no work has been done on it yet. It’s just something we’d like to improve. So long term we’ll likely have improvements there, but not short term and no timeframe right now.