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Session timeout


G’day folks,
The session timeout for a hosted installation seems very short in V2. What’s it currently set to and where is it configured?



It looks like it should be a day. You can increase this in Admin->Settings->Authentication.


Thanks Ian,
Yes I was aware of the Authentication setting, and it is set to 1 day. I was timed out after something of the order of 10 to 15 minutes during my first use after the V2 upgrade. This was using Firefox Another tab timed out after maybe an hour. Later sessions during that day had not timed out (maybe I was more active!)

When I say I’m being timed out, I click on something (a link to another page, a ‘Save’ button’ or similar) and I get returned to the login dialog. It’s occurred this morning with one tab where I was browsing in Admin>Settings>System.

Is there more than one timeout coming in to play?



It sounds to me like your browser might be caching an old timeout page and then just showing it to you even though you’re not logged out. You can check this next time you get the timeout page (after recently having logged in) by holding down the shift key and clicking the refresh button. If you get right back in then you weren’t really logged out.

In that case I think there’s a setting you can check in FireFox to tell it not to cache pages.