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Set timestamp for voicemail messages


One of the things I try to focus on with our system it to ensure that we get responses back to our folks within a certain time period. When we enter a voicemail into the system though, it timestamps the ticket as from when it is entered, not when the voicemail may have been received. I don’t have the ability for the voicemail system to email the voicemails, so that’s not an option. Is there a way to set the “time created” on a ticket within helpspot?



Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your question. Currently there’s not a way to set the opened date from the interface. It’s only set when you create the request you can’t override that with a different timestamp. However if you want to build a script to do this it can be done using our Web Service API. I would suggest reading the API Manual: Chapter 4 - Web Services-API .

Please let us know if you have additional questions or need further assistance.