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Setting "From" user when adding a note


When adding a note to an existing request via the API, how to I set the “from” user?

When creating a ticket, this is straightforward because you can set it to use the customer information. When I adding a note, I want it to come from the user logged into my web app.

Thanks, bob


Hi Bob,

The API is connected as a user so the sytem acts as that user. There is a field for the from, but from us for the mailbox to send out as.


Oh nice!

How do you get the helpspot version with the api? I tried this: /api/index.php?method=version, but I think it is returning the api version and not the helpspot verion.

I currently have 3.2.12 installed, and when I make the “/api/index.php?method=version” api call I get the following:

1.5 1.0

Also, thanks for the url text file to see what the latest release is!


Lol, wrong forum topic, please ignore above post