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Setting up groups of supporters



I’m trying to set up the following workflow:

  • request comes into inbox;
  • support manager(s) assess the issue and assign it to appropriate pool of developers;
  • the developers only “take” issues from their pool when they are actually working on them.

I was planning to do this by setting a category (“pool 1 issue queue”) and making the developers Level 2 supporters for that queue.

Before I set it up, I wanted to find out if:

  • When the support manager assigns the issue to a pool of developers, will it still show in the inbox for the support manager?
  • If so, is there any way to adjust what should appear in the inbox?




Hi Miles,

You can set it up as you describe. What you’ll want to do though is instead of the managers using the regular inbox, create a new inbox global filter for them. This should have the conditions:

  • Open/closed IS Open
  • Assigned to IS Unassigned
  • Category IS Unassigned

That last one is the difference between this inbox and the pools you’re setting up. It will filter out the ones they’ve categories but which have not been taken yet.