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SETTINGS for WORKFLOW and Batching conditions



As we set up user profiles for our CS agents, we wanted to make sure that newer agents are not included in the full round robin but are able to have auto batched work at a slower level. By choosing between “Guest”, “Level 2…”, “Help Desk…” or Admin, we thought we could make sure that the agent could 1) still receive emails whether autobatched or manually batched, 2) that they would have access to Append Response and Merge, if there are duplicate or redundant tickets available- we are unable to make that work and either we manually batch to new people or allow them to be inundated and take work away manually.

Is there an easier way to do this?


Hi Sylvia,

To do that we’d need to really have some sort of weighted system as it wouldn’t be round robin with some people getting more than others. A weighted tool is interesting, but not something built in currently.

What you could do though is not put the new staff in any categories and have a person responsible for manually moving requests to them at a reasonable rate (or perhaps reviewing what they’ve done and then assigning more).

Another option if you have some development resources would be to build a tool with your required custom logic outside of HelpSpot. The tool would then use HS’s API to assign requests. It could handle all assignment (and use weighting logic in that case) or simply pull unworked on requests from the inbox or user queues to the new staff at a slow rate.