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Setup Helpspot - Unable to connect to database localhost,1433 as ... database user



I’m currently trying to install Helpspot on my server, Windows 2003, with IIS 6 ISAPI / CGI (FastCGI 1.5) and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and run into an error when trying to connect to MS SQL during installation.

Php is not installed yet, because the windows installer was complaining that PHP was already installed, so I removed the installation.

During installation, you have the option of using existing tables or create new ones. I chose the option of creating new ones, not sure if this is correct ? I also chose the default values, like ‘localhost’ for hostname, portnumber 1433. Next, you are supposed to give a username and password, not sure which one to use here.

Either way, at this point it fails, with the message in the title…

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi Zeynel,

If you already had PHP installed that could be part of the issue as now your Windows server may be in an odd state. IT’s probably best to try it on a fresh Windows install, a VM is fine for that.


You could run the uninstaller and then manual install. Just that you won’t be able to upgrade using the windows installer in the future, but that’s fine. Usually companies already running PHP use the manual installation and ones who aren’t use the installer but it’s just a little extra work to install all the components individually.


Do you have SQL authentication enabled on your SQL Server? It needs to be for the installer to connect.