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Setup new IIS web


Hi -
I would like to setup HelpSpot in its own IIS (root) web site. The default installation configured it as a virtual directory under the default web site.

Can you point me to any documentation for this?
I created the new web site, setup the PHP extension, and pointed it to the HotSpot directory. However, I think you have references to the old URL in the configuration. Is this all that needs to be changed?


If you have everything else setup you can change the old URL in the config.php file which is in the root of the HelpSpot file directory. Open the config.php file with Wordpad and look for the cHOST variable. Change the URL to the correct one and you’ll be all set.


Once again, thank you for your help.
Just FYI, after the change the web site worked just fine, but I noticed that incoming emails were not being processed.
I also had to change tasks.vbs and task2.vbs as they had the URL in the script.


Ah good catch, sorry about that.