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Share Best Practices?


We are looking to conference call with companies using HelpSpot to manage customer emails in order to share best practices. In particular, we would like to discuss metrics that you have put into place, how the reports feed into the metrics and how you manage email volumes. Please let me know if you are interested. We can then discuss the best date and time for the conference call.


I’m interested in learning how others use the reports, etc. We are just starting to investigate how we can take advantage of HelpSpot’s features.


Jennifer- I was out of town and not able to respond right away. We are also looking to conference with a company that has been using HelpSpot and can give us some tips on how to create metrics and best use the reports function. We have only been using HelpSpot since May. We are a distributor of scientific instruments and our customer service department receives about 275 emails per day. Many of these are order requests that are forwarded to another department. We need to design metrics around the emails that are answered by our customer service representatives. Can you tell me a little about your company and how you are using HelpSpot?