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Showing Unread icon in custom filter


I’m trying to use a custom filter as my default workspace that will show all messages with Status as Active, so for example tickets answered and marked as Bug Report would not show up in the summary - basically, I’d like my workspace to function as my “Inbox”, ideally clearing it out as often as possible with long-term tickets filed away.

In trying to do this I created a new filter that shows all messages with status Active and assigned to me. Unfortunately, I can’t see how to show the New/Updated ticket icon that you see in the default “My Queue” view. “Replied to” column only shows what was replied to, but not when customer responds with a new update.

Maybe there is a better way to achieve what I’m trying to do?


Hi Slaven,

There’s no way to show the flag in a filter. The reason is that for the flag to work it must track if a user has viewed a request and when that view was. Doing that for every user with every request would be a big burden on the system, so currently it only tracks that for the assigned user and their requests. Hence, you can only see that flag in my queue.

The replied to column should be a pretty close substitute, but as you say it will just continue to be blank even if the customers does several responses.

Once work around may be to order the filter by customer last update. That way the requests with the newest responses will always be on the top so it will be easy to see who’s emailed in recently. Also note that to order by that column you must add it to the list of displayed columns.