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Site works ok internally - but fails to render from an external IP


Newbie question… Got the site setup on an internal IIS server - working ok with links on the internal network - site resolves just fine.
Setup a public IP address that redirects to the IIS Server and notices that all the references are to the private IP of the server - not the hostname so external doesn’t render.

Also - hyperlinks sent out in confirmation tickets resolve to the internal IP and not the hostname so fail when accessed from external.

How do I get these references set to the hostname and not private IP
HyperV Server 2016 with IIS

Steve P.



In this case, the site was likely setup to use its internal IP add as the “hostname” of the site. HelpSpot uses this to generate links and build URLs, so external facing resources like email clients or web browsers accessing from the public won’t work exactly as you are seeing.

What you can do is edit HelpSpot’s config.php file and change the cHOST setting to use the external (public) facing hostname or IP address that you use to access HelpSpot from outside the server.

So it might go from:

define('cHOST', '');


define('cHOST', '');