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SMS Template


We’re using SMS notification for Urgent requests. It seems to use the email template that includes the message detail. That’s way too much data for an SMS, our service is breaking them up into 2 or 3 separate messages. Is there a way to edit the SMS message format without changing the email notification format? I really just want to know that there’s an urgent request, who it’s from, their phone number and maybe the category they chose.


There’s not currently a way to modify it, but we are going to add an SMS template to the email template section so you’ll be able to modify it. That should be in one of the next two releases.

In the meantime it sounds like HelpSpot has the wrong SMS size length for your carrier. It should trim the message to just long enough for one message. You can find your carrier in the HS_luSMS table and play with the sMsgSize field to have HelpSpot trim the message to just big enough for one message.


I went to to test the SMS system. Turns out that the first character you type in the “From” field reduces your remaining total by 6 characters. The field then holds 20 characters. The Subject field also holds 20 characters and both fields subtract from your available total, which left 109 characters for the message body. I set the sMsgSize field to 100, left sFromSize at 20 and total at 160. We’ll see how that works.


Update: the message was over by 4 characters with those settings, so I’m dropping message body to 95. I think this has to do with the loss of 6 characters on the first “From” char.

Note that this isn’t necessarily a problem with HelpSpot, I’m just sharing in case anyone else sees this issue. I’m not very pleased with Cingular SMS though…


Ah OK. I’ll adjust the Cingular defaults in HelpSpot. Thanks for researching this and sharing. As you’ve seen this information is actually very hard to find except via trial and error.