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SMS to Google Voice


While setting up the Settings for an admin user, I wanted to get an SMS for any urgent ticket.

The field for SMS number has a list of cellular providers to choose from, but how do i add a Google Voice phone number (I can then setup multiple cell phones in Google Voice).


Hi John,

HelpSpot uses a service phone companies provide where you can send an email to them to generate an SMS. Do you know if Google Voice as an email domain for that? It would usually be your phone number @ a special domain.


From site and help address:

“Sending SMS from a website like Skype or Facebook to your Google number currently won’t be received because these sites treat SMS as if they are sending to an email address, which Google Voice doesn’t support. Please contact the other provider for further information.”
(found via link:

So it looks like you wouldn’t be able to use their service to send the SMS at this time.


Ah, thanks Brandon for the info!