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SMTP Email Authentication


I’m having difficulty getting Helpspot to submit my username and password correctly in an SMTP authentication sequence when I go to Settings - Email Integration - Outbound Email Test. Do you know if this is a configuration issue on my end?

I’m not sure if Helpspot deliberately omitted my password from this log output below, or if this is actually what it submitted and that’s why it failed. I have tried doing both AUTH LOGIN and AUTH PLAIN manually (in gnutls-cli) and the server accepts them fine.

This is Helpspot 4.5.11 running on PHP 5.6.15 on Windows Server 2008 R2 in IIS.

<> c3VwcG9ydEB5b3VyaGVhbHRoaS5jb20uYXU= 
<> RSET 
<> AUTH PLAIN c3VwcG9ydEB5b3VyaGVhbHRoaS5jb20uYXUAc3VwcG9ydEB5b3VyaGVhbHRoaS5jb20uYXUA 
<< 535 Incorrect authentication data !! Expected response code 235 but got code "535", with message "535 Incorrect authentication data " (code: 535)


The problem was that I saved my settings before testing the outbound connection. When Helpspot tests the outbound connection, it uses whatever password is currently typed into the form, not the stored password for the connection. Saving the settings removes the password from the form, making it send an empty password. I hope this helps someone else.


Thanks! That’s something we want to improve as the blank password field does make testing it a bit more confusing for sure.