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SMTP error when sending from Default Mailbox


We have just started using Helpspot and we are trying to work some of the bugs out. I have tested sending email notifications via our SMTP server and it works great except for when creating a new request. We have only one mailbox configured, but if we leave the “Send email from” field set to “Default Mailbox - …” We get an SMTP send failure message. If I choose the same mailbox from the drop down email notifications work perfectly. I’m stumpted. Is this a bug or a configuration issue?


Hi Les,

Could be a configuration issue. Make sure you’ve set the SMTP settings in admin-settings-email integration. If that’s missing or wrong it would cause that.


Thanks! As it turns out there is was one setting I overlooked. The SMTP authentication was set to yes in Admin --> Settings --> Email Integration and we are not using authentication. Odd because this was setup correctly in the Email Mailboxes section.


Ah. OK great! Love an easy fix :slight_smile: