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Some examples of Categories usage?


We are designing our new HelpSpot system right now, and one area that the documentation is (intentionally) vague on is exactly how categories and keywords should be configured. Naturally, there are many ways of skinning the support cat, so this really is a decision that needs to be made on a case-by-case basis.

Having said that, though, it would be very, very useful for new users to have access to a set of white papers describing how a number of different firms set up their categories and keywords. Just being able to read through 5 or 10 different setups would be massively helpful for someone coming to the system cold.

The format of these would be a very brief description of the company (industry, number of clients, number of techs and a brief of the type of support they provide), followed by the categories and keywords they use. If it also includes “here’s how the categories get used”, that’s fine - but it wouldn’t be necessary. Just knowing the category names would be great.


Thanks Kevin, that’s a great idea. We’ve been thinking about something along those lines ourselves. Case studies, but rather than marketing focused, usage focused.

We don’t have anything just yet, but we’re happy to help with your design/layout. That said, HelpSpot does make it fairly easy to edit/switch later and one of the things we generally encourage is to not worry so much about getting it right/perfect up front.

As it’s not that rigid, it’s not really necessary. What I recommend is not overdoing it at first. Setup your basics and then add to them as you see the need for better filtering/reporting in an area.