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Some sort of error log notification?


One of our incoming IMAP email server connections went down for 5 hours before we noticed. Of course HelpSpot logged an error each time tasks.php ran, but there was no notification of those errors piling up.

Is there a method of notification of errors like these?

I’d really rather not assign staff to check the error log every time they check the workspace.


Hi Joe,

Not currently. Errors like this are common for one or two runs of tasks.php so we don’t put a more prominent message. Obviously this was longer than a few runs, perhaps we can look at some type of notification for longer outages.

You may also want to consider a network monitoring service. There are many available from free to high end and they can email you system outage notifications.


Thanks Ian. I think I’ll try to setup an RSS feed for the error log, at least in the short-term.

I have a network monitor watching the server, but Imap wasn’t connecting on this one particular account correctly. I’m still trying to find out why …