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Sort Tickets by open/close status in the customer login area


Hi i have added some rows in the customer login area so the customer has for example now a open/close status, the priority we set and the scheduled do/fix date and time date of a all his incidents. Now we need very urgent to sort the tickets so that the customer sees always the open tickets first when he is logged in and the closed tickets on the bottom of this list.


Is it possible to modify one of the PHP-Scripts to allow the sort-order of all his tickets in the customer-portal so they where showed sorted by “open” (first) and then “closed” tickets? I have already modified the PHP-File to add the row “Status” and the tickets will then showed “Red - Open” and “Green - Closed” but not sorted.


Hi Hahn,

You can’t have HelpSpot sort it there, but you could do the sort yourself or duplicate the loop and have one for open requests and one for closed using an IF to filter out the requests.