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Spam filtering via mail rules?


I have legitimate tickets that wind up in the Spam filter. I created a mail rule that looks like this:

If All Conditions:

Perform these actions:

  • Set status Active
  • Send email notification to Me

However, when I create a ticket that I know will go into the SPAM filter (4 links), the Mail Rule does not apply. What can I do differently? I tried an automation rule, but even using the SQL query didn’t show the tickets in my SPAM folder (even though when I ran the query directly against SQL, I can view the SPAM folder requests.


Have you tried creating the request via the portal or via an email? On thing to note is that a mail rule is only going to fire for email created requests not portal created requests.


Portal. I guess that explains it then. Now as I re-read the “Rules apply only to new request emails”, this makes sense.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish my goal for requests submitted through the portal?