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Spam Whitelist



We have one customer emailing for support whose messages always land in the spam box. Is there a way to whitelist this and any other customer emails that this may happen with?

I have checked forum posts, but the only solution I can find would be to remove data from tables that are not in the current version.



Hi John,

Assuming you’re on a recent V3 you can add them to the white list in admin-settings-email integration


Aha! Thank you, I was looking for something like that.


Strangely enough, one of our customer email addresses that has been whitelisted just showed up as a spam ticket again.

Any suggestions?


is it listed exactly as in the email?


Hi Ian,
Yes. The ticket was actually opened via web form. We have our customers authenticate against our MS CRM based on three criteria, one of which is the customer email address.

Is it possible that the content of a custom “Large Text” field that the customer entered would flag tickets, regardless of white listing and authentication?

For privacy reasons, I cannot post the content, but I can email to you if you want to take a look.


Ah, the web form doesn’t check the whitelist. Whitelist is for email spam.

You could do a LIKE search through HS_Portal_Bayesian_Corpus.sWord for the email address and remove it. Though perhaps it’s other content causing it.

You could reset your portal spam system by emptying the tables: