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Spell check generating error message


Whenever a user tries to use the Spell Check feature the receive an error message "Error response:"
That’s it, nothing else.

It is on an Ubuntu 10.04.1 Turnkey server and we recently had an issue upgrading the system due to an issue with udev hanging on the install.


Hi Michel,

First, we highly recommend using browser based spellchecking and not the server which is inferior in every way.

That said, there’s a known but with the spellchecker on some installations. We have a fix in place for the next release that should fix it up assuming aspell itself is ok.


I have instructed the user on how to enable Google Chrome’s spell checker.
I just hate it when an application generates an error when it shouldn’t.


Agreed, it should be fixed with the next release though they’ll be much happier with Chrome spellchecking. It’s real time, they can add to the dictionary, etc.