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Spellchecking with share hosting


Hi Ian,

Thanks for great updates. After upgrading, version 1.1 is running well in our site without a hiccup.

Only problem is the spellchecker. I am hosting the site with a shared plan and will not be able to install any application there.

Is there a way I can run the Spellchecker component locally in one of our intranet servers and then configure HelpSpot to popup the checker from that address? Or can you design it as a web service so we can run it off other server? If not possible at this version, can you please do so in the future? Spellchecking is very important to us and it is pity we could not use it now.

Thank you.


Hi Minh,

Unfortunately the spellchecker isn’t a popup type, but is actually integrated into the request page. They’ll be an example up on the site in the next few days, but you can see some video here:

Right now there’s no way to do the spellchecker without the software on the server, however here’s a few ideas.

  1. You could host your installation with our hosting partner, ValiantHost. Details:

  2. You could use browser based spellchecking. For a long time I used Spellbound for FireFox with great results.

There’s similar solutions for Internet Explorer as well, though I don’t have URL’s.

Over the longer term, it’s under consideration to make a version where we would host the spellchecking software.