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SQL Query


Hi Ian,

I was wondering if you could you let me know the SQL query that I can execute to retreive the name, email address and complete request history from the heplspot database?




Sure. Well they’re in different tables and the way it’s setup you’ll get the name/email in each row. You could also do it as 2 queries, one to get the name/email and the other to pull the request histories.

SELECT HS_Request.sFirstName, HS_Request.sLastName, HS_Request.sEmail, HS_Request_History.*
FROM HS_Request, HS_Request_History
WHERE HS_Request.xRequest = HS_Request_History.xRequest
ORDER BY HS_Request_History.xRequest, HS_Request_History.dtGMTChange DESC

I think that should do it.


Thanks alot,

I’ll have a talk with the technical guys here and let you know how we get on.

Thanks again.