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Statistics/Reports: Unique Customer Over Time



I have a question regarding the reports we extract from Helpspot - the situation is as following…

Our department have aprox 10 unique customers that send about 30 requests in total on a daily basis.
The thing is, we don´t have any easy way to figure out statistics of how many requests the customers send to us over a specific period of time.

For example: I would like to searh in “Reports over Time”, FILTER “Category”, “time 2010-07-01-2010-07-31” and “Status: Closed” and easy get a view over our 10 unique customers and how many requests we recieved and closed from them in that category in that period of time.

This report would preferedly be view in one sheet, table our customers and how many request we recieved from them, individually. At this moment we have no easy overview over which customer that send us most/least or no requests at all over a specific time period.


Pontus Berg
Work Force Management
One Contact CC


Hi Pontus,

Yes, it’s not currently possible to group by a column in the reports but that’s something we’re looking into for a future release.

In the meantime since it’s a relatively small number of customers perhaps you could save a report for each of them. If you have a programmer available you could also directly query the database for this information and generate your own report in any format you like, which might be a good way to go.

It is a limitation we’re aware of though and are looking at solutions.