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Strange display problem


I’m on an older version (2.7.0). Sometimes when emails come in, they make the ticket very, very long horizontally. Some other emails had the text show up in the box where the users image is on the left side and leave the right column empty. That causes the Request Details column to appear at the very end of the ticket.

Is there something I can do about this?


Hi Beth

I have a feeling that’s due to some HTML within the email itself breaking the layout of HelpSPot because it’s very wide - I’m not sure we can do a lot about it.

However I think in version 3 of HelpSpot (the latest is version 3.2.12), that area is broken out a bit more so long emails like that don’t affect the layout as much.

If you want to check it out, you create a free trial (instantly) to test that out with here: