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Styles in the HTML Editor in Knowledge Books



I’m writing knowledge base articles in pages in the Knowledge Book and the available styles are very limited. Is there a way I can modify a style or add a style to address the following?

My main issue is that the Paragraph style puts way too much extra vertical space between lines, so every line looks like there is a blank link after it (which by the way, isn’t happening in this box I’m typing in now, which is what I prefer).

This is a huge problem when I want to paste code (like sql server TSQL or .net C# or whatever) into the page. I don’t want my code lines to have the vertical space. The huge problem it creates, is that if I copy the code from the page and paste it anywhere else (in the apps where I write code) they actually have an extra blank line between every line of code. That makes my knowledge book pages absolutely worthless.

There has to be a solution for this. Is there a CSS file on the server that I can modify to change a style or add a style so I can prevent this? Or is there something I’m missing / don’t know about?



Hi Brent,
The CSS can be modified in your portal template. Navigate to Admin > Customize > Portal Templates. Here you can edit the CSS that correlates to the portal theme that you are using. For example, if you are using the blue theme, you associated css template is going to be



Thanks Matt!

Could we use this to introduce additional style elements? Like styling the tables differently? Will that automatically take using the built in table editor that you have in the KB pages?