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Suggestion: Dropdown list for Knowledge Book pages


Was wondering if it would be possible to have a dropdown list at the top of a Knowledge Book page with the major categories of that page for quick navigation. This would be helpful as our KB listings are getting quite long and it takes a while to scroll to find what you are looking for.

On the Knowledge Book listing page the dropdown list would consist of the individual KBs.

Once you click on a KB then you get the chapter listing so each chapter would be an entry in the dropdown list and an anchor set to each chapter heading so that you could navigate to it quickly.

In a chapter the dropdown list would be set to the page listings, etc.


Hi Peter,

Sure, that’s possible. All the code is in the templates already to loop over and make the navigation. You could basically copy that code and build a drop down list with it instead of a list of links (or in addition to) and with a little javascript make it a navigation element.

I don’t have the code to do that specifically but if you or someone on your team knows a little PHP and javascript it should be fairly simple.