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Suggestion for categories



I don’t know if it is our particular setup or that I missed something in the configuration, but I think it could make sense that the categories had one field that was “Default mailbox”.

We configured 4 distinct mailboxes for 4 categories, and each mailbox has one category defined as default. When a HD representative makes public a note, I think it could be convenient that the mailbox flagged as the default one for the current category of the ticket was the mailbox that was selected as the sender of the outgoing mail.

This would avoid that the client received accidentally a response from the wrong proxy mailbox.


Ah I think I see what you mean. I believe that it will preselect the mailbox for you when the original request came in from an email so that the response isn’t from a different email. However, when creating a new request and assigning it to a category that is associated with a mailbox the “from” mailbox isn’t set.

That’s a good idea, but I see one issue. That would be if multiple email boxes use the same default category. So both and go to the default category bugs then they system wouldn’t know which to pick. This is probably a rare case though and most often the features is used as you’re using it with a one to one mapping.

I’ll definitely note this for more thought and consideration in a future release.


The idea was that the “Default email” was an optional field in the categories panel, so that if you don’t set it, you get the current behaviour.

I any case I didn’t mean that the other mail addresses are not selectable when making public a request, I meant that the user could rely on the fact that, if the category is correctly assigned for the request, the response mail that is preset is the default one for the category (so he does not have to double check it).


Ah I see what you’re saying. OK we’ll definitely consider that for a future release.