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Suggestion for forums


for displaying the list of message in a form instead of:

KB - how to delete a page? - 3

I would suggest

KB - how to delete a page? - (2 replies)


I thought about that, but seeing “replies” over and over gets annoying. However, in your installation you can customize that template and easily put the “replies” in.


Another solution might possibly be to put replies on the first line in the forum topic list and then just have the number for the rest of them.


I guess what I found confusing that the number also included the initial post. I would see

KB - how to delete a page? - 3

and assume there was 3 replies. But I am blonde. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen this done both ways and opt’d for listing total count. You could either subtract one from each in the template or dye your hair brown :slight_smile: