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Suggestion for Staff Member Access Level


Firstly, I once again want to compliment Ian for creating such a fine piece of software. It really suits my enviroment well, and is by far the best trouble ticket tracking system that I’ve ever used!

That being said, I have a suggestion for a modification to the Staff Member Access Levels. Please correct me if I am wrong, but it has been my experience that ONLY those staff members with Administrator rights can assign a ticket to another staff person. I need my help desk staff to be able to route an re-route tickets, WITHOUT the ability to modify the HelpSpot Administrative Settings. Perhaps you can add this “dispatcher” right to the “Help Desk Staff Member” level?


Thanks Mark!

Perhaps I’m not understanding you, but every access level has the ability to reassign a request to another user. Perhaps you’re running into a situation where you can’t see the request after it’s reassigned?

For instance, staffer A is assigned a request. It’s in their “My Queue”. They go to the request and from the drop down on the right side they reassign it to staffer B. The request will now no longer be visible to staffer A in their “My Queue” because it isn’t assigned to them. However, if staffer A needs to be able to see other staffers queue’s or see requests matching certain criteria they can still do that using the filter options.

In this case if staffer A often needs to check on what staffer B is doing, A could create a filter which showed all of B’s current open requests.

If this isn’t the case then perhaps there’s a bug on your platform or some other confusion. If you could post some more details and we’ll get it straightened out.


Ah! My bad…It seems “someone” :slight_smile: wasn’t selecting the category first, and thus the ‘assign to’ drop down was disabled. I’m afraid I jumped the gun on that one.


Ah no problem. One question though. If you go into an existing request the system should select the existing category and assigned user for the request. Is that happening on your installation? You should really only see both those fields blank when creating a new request.


You are correct. They are ONLY blank on a new request.


Great thanks. Your installation sounds like it’s OK then.