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Suggestion - Reports for end users


I have not seen this, but it would be nice to allow “customers” to generate reports on open issues/closed issues. At this point they are e-mailed a key that allows them to view the status on one ticket. It would be nice to allow them to login and generate reports on issues they have submitted.


Currently you can’t do this. The customers can bookmark the page with the status and if you change the request.check template to never expire the viewing of a request that would work.

We decided from the beginning of development to not have a login system for customers. The problem is that in most situations the customer will not remember their login if they have one and if they don’t you’re adding a bunch of extra steps in the process before they get to actually put in their request. So we decided to try and keep the 95% of your customers who don’t care about a login happy by making the process to submit a request painless.

We may introduce some type of optional login feature in a future version, but we’d have to be careful to do it in a way that didn’t make it confusing for the customers. “Do I need to login or not” type of situations.