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Suggestions for the next version


Hi Ian,

If you think any of our suggestions can already be done with the current version of HelpSpot please let me know - otherwise, here they are for your consideration!

  • Customer search is unreliable, things like uppercase vs lowercase letters in email or name, or missing surnames will cause it not to find previous requests.

  • If you limit the number of tickets shown per page to 20, all of the indicators no longer work; for example, folder will be listed as “My Queue (20/20)” instead of “My Queue (34/87)”

  • Also, if you limit tickets per page to 20 it would be really useful to have links for Page 1, Page 2, etc; right now we can only go forward and back one page at the time.

  • When you hit Update Request it should take you away from the ticket screen and back to Index (your likely next destination)

  • I don’t quite understand the difference between “Update and Close” and “Update Request” - if the ticket has Active status it won’t let you “Update and Close”, yet you can change the ticket status to Problem Solved and click on “Update Request”, and the request won’t be closed? Why not have just one Update button, which would close the ticket if the Status indicates it should be closed?

  • Ability to limit the number of characters shown for preview in the ticket index list; we have tickets that have more than 30k of text, so when you get a lot of them on the same page it takes a fair bit to load the index.

  • Possibility of merging tickets

  • Is it possible that attachments that people send are lost? I don’t know if it’s the aggressive antivirus on the background, or the HTML filtering, or something else but it seems that attachments sometimes don’t make it.

  • Spam that we receive is included in searches

  • The ability to remove some fields from “Submit a Request” page, like Phone field.

Thanks - we still love the system, these are just notes collected over the past few months.



I guess we have different workflows, make it an option! :wink:


Hi Slaven,

Sorry to take so long in the response. First off thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts.

  • Customer search is currently not as good as we’d like. We’re looking at improving that in a future release.

  • Yes, the limiter is really to reduce database load and designed to be kept in the hundreds, not really to limit the pages down to such a low number. That said, I’ll put this down for more consideration too see how we might separate that out.

  • As you can tell there’s strong opinions on both sides as to what happens after “update request” :-). The next release leaves it the same, but adds additional navigation options from the request page which should help a lot. For instance you can go next/back based on the queue you entered from. If you entered from the inbox you’ll also get a drop down list of all requests so you can take them and if you entered from my queue, you’ll get a list of all unread requests so you can jump to them.

  • The reason for the 2 buttons is that some customers use the status for workflow. So you may want to change the status from ‘active’ to ‘waiting for reply from vendor’ or whatever, and so you’ll then have other filters which check the status and create a workflow. The only rule is that a closed request can’t be active, but otherwise it’s left as flexible as possible for different uses.

  • Yes, in the next release (version 2) the full message bodies are no longer returned in the workspace table. That preview will be loaded in real time via ajax so only a short snippet of text will be sent in the table to the browser initially.

  • Merging is in v2

  • If you’re having trouble with attachments it’s likely that your memory settings are not correct. The link below lists what you need to change to make large attachments work.

  • Spam in the search is a little tricky, but we’ll look into that. In the meantime you may want to keep deleting that spam once a day or so. That will also help keep system performance snappy overall.

  • We probably won’t be adding the ability to remove those fields, but we’ll consider it. We are looking at the ability to add custom fields up in that box, but no decision has been reached on that yet.

Thanks again for the feedback, it’s always welcome!


Thanks Ian for a great response, glad I shared our notes!

John, that change is not really a huge deal for us, hopefully it can be done without impacting existing workflows; if it can’t we can live without it…!


John you mean the update and close button work like it used to not the update request button right? I’m looking at it, but still weighing it. I really want to avoid preferences if possible. There should be plenty of other changes you’ll like in there though.