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Been a user of helpspot for awhile now and have a few suggestions on what I would like to see from the product, if interested.

Add the ability to create ticket reationships; parent and child tickets, for instance you could have a “project ticket” assigned to a supervisor and several child tickets assigned to lower tier employees.

Helpdesk software goes hand and hand with inventory, so an optional inventory management system would be ideal. This way hardware information could be associated to assets. This would allow for problem reporting in relation to particular items.

The ability to schedule reports to be sent via email.



Thanks for the reply!

For what it is worth, I feel “Inventory” is a Helpdesk functionality. Not needed for a successful ticket tracking system, however I feel this goes hand and hand with a great Helpdesk solution. The ability to create relationships between a ticket and a physical asset would be invaluable. If HelpSpot had this feature I would of purchased it already, instead I think we will create our own MySQL database and use Helpspots API to integrate as much as possible.


Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay in chiming in over here.

We’re looking at some type of ticket linking (more formal than r:#####). I don’t think it’s going to be available before version 3 though. I think for most of our customers a true parent/child linking would be more complicated than it’s value would be, but a final decision on this hasn’t been made so your input is noted!

The main reason we’re staying away from inventory right now is that it’s a really messy area. Some people want a simple table of assets, some ID numbers, that’s it. Others want a fully networked solution that goes out and checks a computers makeup, tracks software, handles inventory label creation etc. Also, this area is not one that I’m personally as familiar with so for now the focus remains on creating great help desk request tracking software. I could certainly see adding something down the road, but definitely not in the next few major releases.

You can actually schedule reports to be emailed now. In automation rules the action is “email table of results to” and then select who should be emailed the result set of the automation rule.



I too would like some type of linking or ability to manage several separate requests for an original request. One request many times turns into several tasks to be completed. Each task is a request in and of itself. It may have a separate contact and a totally different list of people to correspond with but essentially is related to the original request. With the current setup, you would have too many conversations going on inside of one request. Multiple requests would be great.

I have turned to HelpSpot to manage ALL my email (1 large client and 5 small businesses) and manage all my work (tasks = requests) no matter how big or small. I have converted the large client and 1 of the small businesses to HelpSpot. Maybe it is not designed that way, but I needed some way to keep emails, notes, statuses, review dates, correspondence, staff notes on requests ALL IN ONE place. HelpSpot does that in a wonderful way. So many other apps do real good at one or two of these components, but have found HS to cover the most in the closest way that I think. The new Merge Request function is totally indispensable. Ian has done a great job! :slight_smile:

Ian. I think this can be done while keeping the rest simple. It could be invoked by those that want more functionality of handling sub-requests and out of the way for those that want to operate a simple help desk with single level requests. I hope you will put some thought into this.

You have done a great job using those custom fields and I use them all the time. Here is one idea. Use custom fields to create a specialized field called Project field. When added it would create a drop-down field to select a project name for each request. A default of ‘Single Request’ could be forced into the drop down.

Select from drop down of existing projects to add a request to a project. Existing projects are derived from existing OPEN requests with project designations.

To add projects, use a control like you do with creating folders to hold filter definitions. Click plus sign and key project name, save request to add it to project.

To delete projects, also do like you do with filter definitions. If there are no requests in the project OR if there are no OPEN requests for a project, don’t show it in the list.

Hope this helps. Best day to you!