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Support outside office hours


I haven’t spotted anywhere the facility to re-direct support requests to a different email or SMS account during the non-office hours, other than the manual check-boxes in the Staff Notifications area.

For our business, I think it would be helpful if office hours could be defined, outside which the support notices are automatically sent to the alternate email address.

I think I could achieve this with a scheduled job in SQL Server but wonder whether it’s a common requirement.


Hi Jim,

You’re correct there is currently no way to do that. I’d like to get a little more clarification on what you’d like to do. So when a support request comes in after hours you’d like the notification that goes out to staff (if you have notification enabled for new requests) to potentially go to a different email address than your primary address right? For example, after hours it may go to your yahoo account instead of your business account?

This is definitely something we’ll consider for a future release.

In the meantime I see a few options. First, I think you’re correct that it would probably be fairly straight forward to do something in SQL Server or an external script to create this functionality.

Another option you may want to consider is using the built in RSS feeds for this purpose. I don’t know if you already use an RSS reader, but there are many quality free ones. This is how we keep up with all our after hours support and often even our daytime support.


OK, great. We’ll definetly look at this for a future release.

As for RSS I think it could work for your needs very well. For instance, you could create a global filter which showed any new urgent requests. Custom filters have RSS feeds just like the regular queues (inbox,my queue). Then you could use a mobile RSS reader and they could check requests right via their phone. Here’s one mobile reader, but there are many other depending of course on your phone: