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Tab widget: helpspot logo url change


Please go to the site:

U will see the tab widget at the left side. Click on it. When open u will see Helpspot logo replace by catalog on demand logo. But If u click on that logo it goes to I want to chage it to or remove (No action will happen when click on it).

Any solution plz


I posted this in your other post also, but you need to reference the iframe with your onload function. I believe something like this should work in the function:

window.frames[“helpspot_widget_tab_iframe”].document.getElementById(‘tNote’).href = “”;



I have written following cde:

onLoad: function(){
window.frames[“helpspot_widget_tab_iframe”].document.getElementById(‘poweredbyhelpspot_link’).href = “”;

Doesn’t work


I just tried the code you posted and it works in Safari and IE. Make sure you have a , before the onLoad to separate it from the other settings.