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Tab Widget questions


Regarding the tab widget. Is it possible to:

#1. Assign a specific category already to a submitted form (and show the related custom fields)?

#2. Assign a form to a specific support user already (I guess this can related to #1)?

#3. Have multiple widgets on a single page, each with their own preferences?

Ideal, we want to use the widget popup for different categories, such as client support, bug submit, feedback, without having to send the visitor to a dedicated support/helpdesk page, or having to figure out what the tab submitted question topic is about.

We don’t really need the tab itself, we prefer to initiate the popup via a standard button somewhere on our website.


Hi Peter,

  1. It’s not possible currently to assign the tab to a category or use custom fields.

  2. No, it’s not directly possible though you could perhaps use an automation rule that runs every minute to check for widget submits and assign them, set custom fields, etc. You’d need to be careful writing this so it only matches once.

  3. I don’t know if that’s possible, never tried it, but I think it probably isn’t due to how the Javascript is configured.

Rather than using the tab it sounds like you’d be better off just popping up the submit a request page. You could modify it or clone a second version of it which is optimized for a poppup (strip the navigation out, etc) which would then give you pretty much everything you want!