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Tab widget


The new tab widget in HelpSpot v2.7 is definitely a useful feature. Good job.

But I do have one request. I’d like the ability to remove the “powered by helpspot” logo that appears on the tab. I understand this has marketing value for UserScape, but I have a fundamental problem with it - it could potential distract my website visitors from the immediate task at hand (learning more about my products!!).

Although I imagine that you added this logo in the hopes that people would say “what’s the HelpSpot thing” and click it… well, I really don’t want that to happen. :slight_smile:

I don’t even mind it being added by default - lots of folks can probably leave it there without concern. But I’d like it out. Is there any way to do so?


Sure, totally understandable. Yes, it can be removed. The easiest way is to use the custom CSS file (as described in docs put in a CSS class for #poweredbyhelpspot_link to make it display none. So:

#poweredbyhelpspot_link{ display:none; }

You could also use the onLoad event of the tab widget to remove the link and icon from the DOM.


Excellent, your CSS file recommendation worked perfectly.