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Table 'helpspot.hs_settings' doesn't exist


I have run the installer a couple of times but keep getting error message after installer is finished, and this message keeps showing up in the error log.

Table ‘helpspot.hs_settings’ doesn’t exist

Where can I get the schema to create the table?


Just a followup. There were 19 tables created in the database.



Hi Chuck,

Did you just download the installer or did you download it before today? We made one change to it today and want to see if that’s part of this.

The database can’t easily be rebuilt from the schema because there’s other rows that need to be dynamically created and inserted by the installer. You’re missing about 17 tables so something is off. What OS and DB are you using?


I just downloaded the latest version manual install .zip (1.5.5) I looked at the version I downloaded the other day and it is the same version.

Dropped the old database and created a new one. Then I ran the install.

I get this message at the end of the install.

Cannot access database. If this is a new installation please go to the installer page.

The OS is XP and the database is MySQL.


So you’re doing a manual installation then and not the windows installer right?

It sounds like something odd is going on with your connection to the database. We don’t test on XP so I don’t have specific data for that platform, but you could check that your PHP MySQL client is new enough to connect to your MySQL DB. Do you have other PHP applications connecting?

Also, if you like I can setup a hosted trial for you so you don’t need to deal with the installation to trial it and then if you like it put it on your server rather than an XP desktop.


I re-installed MySQL and changed a few settings and it is now working.

FYI… the installation documentation points to an old version of Zend Optimizer on your website that does not work with the program. I had to get latest version from Zend.


Thanks Chuck, we’ll get this updated.


Hi Jukka,

Make sure the MySQL client version on the server is as new or newer than the MySQL server version. If the client version is older then it may not build the tables correctly.


I don’t remember exactly what I did to get it working, but I remember it had something to do with the MySQL installation. I re-ran the installation and I think I chose some different options. I think I chose server install and multi-functrional DB.