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Taking a ticket takes me to another ticket


This is a weird one I’m seeing this morning.

We have a ticket which number is #64001.

When we click the “Take It” button, it instead takes us to ticket #64000. Which is already closed (and it doesn’t re-take that closed ticket).

URL for the Take It button for #64001 is
and when click the button, it takes us to

Anyone ever sen this before? Am I going crazy? Is Monday morning trying to kill me?

On 4.6.6, too.

Can’t share a screen recording sadly due to obvious customer information, but hopefully this description makes sense (despite being odd).


This sounds like the request is partially merged but the operation didn’t complete. Check the HS_Request_Merged table and see if either of these request ids are listed.

You can use a query something like this:

SELECT * FROM HS_Request_Merged where xMergedRequest=64000 or xRequest=64000;

Also perform this query for the other id.


That’s interesting. Yes - a previous #64001 ticket was merged into #64000.

> SELECT * FROM HS_Request_Merged where xMergedRequest=64000 or xRequest=64000;
| xMergedRequest | xRequest |
|          64001 |    64000 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

There doesn’t seem to be any error that has been raised when the merge took place, so nothing indicating it did fail?


The entire merge should take place in a transaction that should roll back if it doesn’t complete, but I have seen this happen.

If you look in HS_Request do you still have both xRequest ids there?

select * from HS_Request where xRequest=64001


Hi Matt,

Yep - xRequest 64000 and 64001 are in there, though 64001 is the new ticket that has come through since the merge took place, not the old ticket that was merged into 64000 previously.