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Task.php does not work on windows


in my new auto installation the task.php does not work and I do not find it inside the windows scheduler. What can I do?



HelpSpot’s Windows installer should create a scheduled task (2-4 of them I believe) automatically. We only test HelpSpot on Windows Server editions, however. If you are installing it on a desktop version of Windows, it may not function correctly - those scheduled tasks would need to be created manually if they are not created by the installer.

There may be installation logs in the HelpSpot directory created by the installer (default C:\Program Files (x86)\helpspot) that may show any errors.

You should also install HelpSpot as the administrator user as well.


I have activated the following batch files on the scheduler:
\Program Files (x86)\helpspot\tasks.bat and \Program Files (x86)\helpspot\tasks2.bat. It seems that they work!
Thank you very much