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Tasks.php - 500 Internal Server Error



After having Helpspot installed and working fine for over a year on a physical server, last week we moved it onto a virtual server.
Initially we had some trouble with the version of PHP being used (5.2.11) that casued 500 Internal Server errors on all pages, but after downgrading to 5.2.6 the problem went away.

Today I noticed that emails to are not being converted into helpspot requests. I tried to access in my browser and received a 500 internal server error.

Every other page works fine, both front-end and admin-area, so I am at a loss.
Has anyone else come across this?
What options do I have? Can I move just tasks.php onto it’s own server and try to get it working, or does it HAVE to be called from the root of the helpspot installation?

My server is a Hyper-V Guest OS, running Windows 2003 R2 SP3 and IIS 6.
Helpspot has been installed manually (not using the Windows installer) and is running on PHP 5.2.6 with MySQL Server 5.1 Community. All of these versions are identical to the previous installation (using the same install files in most cases).



I would say it should stay in it’s original location within the HelpSpot installation, in case it calls upon other resources. I would suggest turning on PHP debugging (or error logging) and see if you can identify what the error actually is.


I’ve turned on error logging, but as the page produces an HTTP 500 internal server error, rather than completing execution, there is no output no matter what

Is there any other way to get Helpspot to check an email address and parse the messages there? Can I initiate it manually from the admin section perhaps? Or write a script to check it myself, and redirect the output to a HelpSpot page?


Hi Sam,

Yes, it must stay where it is. It relies on other files which are part of HelpSpot.

PHP 5.2.10+ require the Zend Optimizer 3.3.9+ so that may have been your issue. It’s odd that just that file is having the issue. Your setup should be fine. It’s possible that one file or a sub-file it depends on was corrupted in the move.

You could try redownloading the files and overwriting them al to see if that helps. If you could provide link to a PHP info dump we can take a look at that as well.


Hi Ian

If I could get Zend Optimizer 3.9 (or above) I might try that. Where do I get it from?
Zend’s site only lists Optimizer v3.3

I even tried downloading Zend Server 5, which has the Optimizer built in, and it was still only v3.3

A reinstallation Helpspot, and a downgrade to 2.6.2, didn’t fix the issue either

I’ve uploaded a dump of phpinfo(); to


You shouldn’t downgrade HS Sam as the database can’t be rolled back and HS may act in an inconsistent state. This type of error won’t have anything to do with the HS version most likely.

Actually on Windows 3.3.3 is the latest so I think you’re OK there. Your website seems to be down right now so I can’t check the phpinfo but will when it’s back up.



I finally worked it out - the IMAP extension wasn’t enabled in PHP.
I only found this out by ‘diff’-ing the old and new php.ini files

My own idiocy wasted a lot of time, unfortunately.
If Helpspot could output a warning when tasks.php is run if the IMAP extension isn’t enabled, that might save other people time in the future.

Thanks for your help guys


Ah, OK Sam. It does show or should have shown an error in Admin->Mailboxes but you likely didn’t look in there since this was a move and not a new installation. We’ll definitely try to add a catch for that.


Sorry Ian, guess I broke the logic flow :slight_smile: