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Tasks.php creating duplicate requests

I have a mailbox set to check a Gmail account every minute and it’s running nicely, except that almost all requests are being duplicated. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, but usually it does. The requests have the same time stamps but are given different ticket numbers.

I’ve tried extending the time in between checks but am not sure what else I should be looking at for this. I’ve had to disable notifications to my clients when opening a request so they don’t get confused.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks!


I would suggest:

  1. Disabling the automated mail gathering
  2. Enabling task debugging (see “task.php debugging” here)
  3. Running the task manually as a console command (linux - php hs tasks.php or in Powershell on Windows (copy the Scheduled Task command and run it in CMD prompt or Powershell)

That hopefully will show some error output or other odd behavior.

The other thing I would check for is multiple tasks/cron tasks running tasks.php that may accidentally be running concurrently.