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Ticket refresh


also had a question regarding ticket refresh… is there a way to configure an automatic refresh when viewing a ticket? i am finding that some users will have a ticket open for some time - someone else updates it or re-assigns it and the other user wont know. worst case the other use updates it and it ends up re-assigning the ticket back to the original user.

i know this comes down to how to properly use the system - but didnt know if there was an autorefresh. thanks!


The system shows that another user is viewing and also if they’re editing that box turns red and indicates they are.

It won’t currently update the form and history though. History might be possible, but changing the form gets tricky as you may have also edited it and having things magically move back in a way you don’t expect or notice, etc.

It’s something we’ll continue to look at though.


understood – thanks for the follow-up. could there be a possibility of a “refresh” button then? i fear telling people to his refresh in the browser if they just submitted a form or something.


Well refreshing the browser window would really be the same thing as a refresh button in the UI. It won’t resubmit the form as it’s redirected after a form submit so that will be safe.